A word from our President:

The commercial Oil & Gas industry dates back to the mid 19th century when the first commercial oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Since that time, oil has provided a multitude of energy uses and an increased quality of life for the human species that may never be matched. The quest to find this precious commodity has large oil companies searching the globe to keep up with demand. The Middle East became the leading producer of oil for the last several decades.  But recently, the United States has overtaken Saudi Arabia to become the worlds biggest oil producer due in large to our technology achievements.

While the role of major oil companies in the US may be diminishing as they move offshore and overseas in search of large reserves, it has left an opportunity for these small independent oil companies to implement these revised techniques. Many oil projects that were not economical at yesterdays prices, have become highly profitable today. Vencedor Energy Partners is positioned to capitalize on this natural resource opportunity.

Private and direct participation in domestic drilling programs are not available in other countries, where the oil and gas industries are nationalized.  However, the United States allows its citizens to participate directly in hydrocarbon production, or oil and gas drilling programs. These programs offer an exceptional return on investment with a prolonged residual income.

When it comes to tax advantaged investments for wealthy or sophisticated investors, one investment class continues to stand alone above all others: Oil & Gas.  The volatility of crude oil pricing is subject to supply and demand, which leaves ROI open to assumptions. But as world economies heat back up, so will the demand for this precious commodity.

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 Randy Benton